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Good Earth, Black Soil
Frank W. Klein, Suzanne Bunkers
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Celebrating 150 Years

The mission of the Luxembourg Heritage Society of Northwest Iowa is to preserve the contributions of Luxembourg settlers in our area and throughout the United States through genealogy, education, and celebration of their achievements.

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1870 Luxembourg

Settlers to Sioux County

in Northwest Iowa


Franz Arens 1844-1887


John Biever 1860-1905 


Michael Biever 1821-1893 


Magdalena Bindner 1830-1895

  (wife of Michael Biever 1821-1893)

Henry Frantzen 1842-1917

Nicholas Frantzen 1844-1917

Peter Frantzen 1848-1935

Theodore Gehlen 1845-1904

Nicholas Ginsbach 1848-1926

Peter Ginsbach 1850-1894

Franz Hansen 1824-1909

George Hansen 1862-1918

John Hansen 1857-1896

Katharine Hansen 1852-1924
 (wife of Nicholas Engeldinger 1842-1892)

Margaret Hansen 1867-1959

Peter Hansen 1855-1928

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Susan Hansen 1860-1897
 (wife of Mathias Kellen 1851-1935

Mathias Harens 1839-1927

Susanna Hess 1833-1920
 (wife of Mathias Konz 1826-1906)

Nicholas Kass 1834-1896

James Konz 1866-1913

John Konz 1862-1938

Margaret Konz 1853-1915
 (wife of John St. John 1850-1922)

Mathias Konz 1826-1906

Mathias Konz 1857-18??

Nicholas Konz 1868-1946

Peter J Konz 1854-1921

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Peter M Konz 1870-1938

Susan Konz 1859-1946
 (wife of Peter Hansen 1855-1928)

Marie Ludovicy 1845-1898  
 (wife of Peter Wagner 1837-1910)

Nicholas Nemmers 1845-1882

Peter Ney 1841-1913
John Perlot 1834-1912
Henry Remacle 1842-1906

Maria Streng 1825-1909

 (wife of Franz Hansen 1824-1909)

Margaret Theis 1852-1932

 (wife of John Perlot 1834-1912

Peter Wagner 1837-1910

Theresia Wagner 1867-1920
 (wife of Anton Neuroth 1863-1926)